Live Life With Confidence

Why Boulder

A Different Kind of Investment Group

On the surface, we may look like a company that just manages investment assets for individuals, but we’re really much more. We focus on our clients’ needs and their comfort. We create a team of “care givers” who happen to work in the investment industry. From the moment you walk through the doors at Boulder, we hope you feel the contentment and security that comes when you get a big warm hug from a friend. Your well-being is our primary concern so you can rest assured knowing that a competent and experienced advisor is in your corner looking after your financial health.

At Boulder, we use a Core and Satellite approach. It is a system of managing money that allows us to be very flexible with how we handle a client’s investments. The core is made up of mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs).  There are five different models that have increasing levels of risk and potential return. We work with you, our client, to determine which of the five risk/return models to use, then we determine what percentage of your account should be in this “core” and what percentage should be allocated to the “satellite”.